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bug in remote host ping test?

From: Alex Stewart
Subject: bug in remote host ping test?
Date: Sat, 6 Oct 2007 20:02:58 -0400

Dear All,

While I was playing around with monit (v4.8.1 - although I don't see
any description of this problem in the changelogs for more recent
monit releases) on a cluster, I noticed that if a 'check host' entry
in the monitrc file that contains a remote host ping test is declared
'mode manual' and hence in a specific group, that the check host
statement is *ignored* by monit when the group is started (using monit
-g testGroup start all), even though all other (i.e. non check-host
statements) in the same group *are* started.

No error messages are output when the start group command is given and
no information relating to the check host entries is written in the
monit.log file when the group is started either.  But from either the
httpd interface, or the monit status command line option the 'check
host' statements, whilst present always remain in the 'not monitored'
status.  You can however explicitly start them using the httpd
interface and they appear to start correctly.

If you swap the 'mode manual' for 'mode active' and remove the 'group
testGroup' section from the 'check host' statement then when monit is
started everything is fine and the 'remote host ping tests' are

Note that monit is running as root (it's actually started as an
upstart job (I'm using Ubuntu feisty hence initd has been deprecated)
at boot time) and the monit -t option says the monitrc file syntax is

I tested this using the following (where an entry for ben-mini-1
exists in the hosts file on the machine - and as I said, this works
just fine if the 'mode manual' --> 'mode active' and the 'group
testGroup' section is removed):

check host ben-mini-1 with address ben-mini-1
  if failed icmp type echo count 5 with timeout 5 seconds
     then exec "/usr/local/bfrt-monit/scripts/mNmUsurp 1"
  mode manual
  group testGroup

I didn't find anything in the documentation that suggests that
suggests the remote host ping test can't be used in this way and it
seems logical that you should be able to put these tests in manual
groups, or am I missing something here?


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