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Re: Delaying tests for a number of cycles

From: Claus Klein
Subject: Re: Delaying tests for a number of cycles
Date: Tue, 09 Oct 2007 22:04:20 +0200
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Martin Pala schrieb:
Monit supports the dependency for such situations (the 'depends on' statement).
I can't understand how the dependency should help in such a case?

If I know right, monit will not wait for dependent files.
We had a discussion about this 2 years ago, see


Currently there is just soft dependency, hard dependency option is planned.


MosheC wrote:
The workaround is not enough in general. It is not always a case of starting a service. For example, I check files and directories that are created and
initialized by processes yet to be invoked and they might depend on some
other factors. I would like the checks to start only in , let's say, 10


Martin Pala wrote:
If monit is starting the process, then it expects that the next monitoring cycle will be the service running otherwise it reports error.

This behavior cannot be changed currently, but i added the todo item for

As a workaround you can set your monitoring cycle so, that the service will have time enough to start.


MosheC wrote:
With "every N cycles" we can lower the test frequency.

Is it possible to only delay the first test for a number of cycles and
continue normally or possibly delay only the alerts.

I have a lot of alerts when I start monit that are a result of the new
processes being invoked by monit. It is just noise. I would like to get alerts only after I have reached "steady state" and then the alerts will
really mean something "bad" happened.


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