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Re: bug in remote host ping test?

From: Alex Stewart
Subject: Re: bug in remote host ping test?
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2007 23:47:31 -0400

Can anyone else confirm this issue? - I have a workaround for what I
was trying to do, but still.


On 10/6/07, Alex Stewart <address@hidden> wrote:
> Dear All,
> While I was playing around with monit (v4.8.1 - although I don't see
> any description of this problem in the changelogs for more recent
> monit releases) on a cluster, I noticed that if a 'check host' entry
> in the monitrc file that contains a remote host ping test is declared
> 'mode manual' and hence in a specific group, that the check host
> statement is *ignored* by monit when the group is started (using monit
> -g testGroup start all), even though all other (i.e. non check-host
> statements) in the same group *are* started.
> No error messages are output when the start group command is given and
> no information relating to the check host entries is written in the
> monit.log file when the group is started either.  But from either the
> httpd interface, or the monit status command line option the 'check
> host' statements, whilst present always remain in the 'not monitored'
> status.  You can however explicitly start them using the httpd
> interface and they appear to start correctly.
> If you swap the 'mode manual' for 'mode active' and remove the 'group
> testGroup' section from the 'check host' statement then when monit is
> started everything is fine and the 'remote host ping tests' are
> active.
> Note that monit is running as root (it's actually started as an
> upstart job (I'm using Ubuntu feisty hence initd has been deprecated)
> at boot time) and the monit -t option says the monitrc file syntax is
> OK.
> I tested this using the following (where an entry for ben-mini-1
> exists in the hosts file on the machine - and as I said, this works
> just fine if the 'mode manual' --> 'mode active' and the 'group
> testGroup' section is removed):
> check host ben-mini-1 with address ben-mini-1
>   if failed icmp type echo count 5 with timeout 5 seconds
>      then exec "/usr/local/bfrt-monit/scripts/mNmUsurp 1"
>   mode manual
>   group testGroup
> I didn't find anything in the documentation that suggests that
> suggests the remote host ping test can't be used in this way and it
> seems logical that you should be able to put these tests in manual
> groups, or am I missing something here?
> -Alex

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