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Re: [monit] monitor timestamp file

From: alex
Subject: Re: [monit] monitor timestamp file
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2007 17:17:34 +0300

   Hello Nick,
   I don't ready evaluated whole construction (but i think its work) but
i not found 'ELSE IF RECOVERED' monit's keywords, only 'ELSE IF PASSED'.


Below is what I would like to do, could you please confirm it's
possible and if I'm heading in the right direction

# when the timestamp file is > 30 old send msg
# when file is > 6 hours old, send msg & stop bs1
# when file returns to < 6 hours old send msg & start bs1

   check file last_good_ntp1 with path /opt/unb/run/last_good_ntp1
   if timestamp > 30 minutes then
      exec "/bin/bash -c '/bin/echo ntp: no sync >> /tmp/monit"
   if timestamp > 6 hours then
      exec "/bin/bash -c '/bin/echo ntp: stop transmit >> /tmp/monit"
      exec "/bin/bash -c monit stop bs1"
   else if recovered
      exec "/bin/bash -c '/bin/echo ntp: start transmit >> /tmp/monit"
      exec "/bin/bash -c monit start bs1"

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