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Re: [monit] access to httpd server times out

From: Aleksander Kamenik
Subject: Re: [monit] access to httpd server times out
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2007 03:49:00 +0300
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Raphael Alla wrote:
HI, yes I can ping the machine, ssh to it etc. I have even tried with using other ports such as 8080 etc. with no success. I can access the httpd server from the machine itself. There does not seem to be any iptables rules set on my machine...

OK, is monit listening on the external IP too? Can you access monit from the machine locally not only via localhost ( but via the external IP. You can use "lsof -i -n | grep monit" to see if it's listening on all interfaces.

Could it be a firewall on the way, that does not allow traffic through except ssh and maybe something else?

Can you run any other service on the port you want to run monit, to make sure the problem is with monit and not the network?

Aleksander Kamenik
system administrator
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Krediidiinfo AS

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