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[monit] Question about multi-host testing

From: Pablo Iranzo Gómez
Subject: [monit] Question about multi-host testing
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2007 10:56:56 +0200

        I would like to do a chain-testing for connectivity using the ICMP
test, for example:

        If you have this network layout:

        Your computer -> a computer in your same switch -> the switch -> router
-> remote router -> remote switch -> remote computer

        It doesn't make sense to report a connectivity problem with remote
computer, if every step in the chain could fail, so to correclty
determine the problem you would need something like:

        Chech host remotecomputer with address
          if passed host yourneighbour then
            if passed host yourswitch then 
              if passed host your router then 
                if passed host remoterouter then 
                  if passed host remoteswitch then
                     if failed host remotecomputer then alert

        But afaik, ICMP doesn't accept specifying "host", as it is supposed to
be inside a check host sentence... otherwise, using "depends" just works
for starting/stoping services, not for chain-dependencing failures (like
first check if you can ping your router before claiming host being down)

        ¿There's anything that I could have not considered in order to archieve



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