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Re: [monit] About dependencies

From: Lars Stavholm
Subject: Re: [monit] About dependencies
Date: Thu, 08 Nov 2007 09:08:27 +0100
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Jovan Kostovski wrote:
> Hi,
> Set the configuration as the following:
> check B
> depends on A
> check C
> depends on A.
> The way you've set the rules process A depends on processes B and C.

Thanks very much, that did the trick, works nicely.

However, process A might be a bit of a slow starter,
so when B and C comes along, A is on occasion not up
yet, thus B and/or C (maybe) fails to start. Now, monit
will of course try again, so at some point all three
processes are up and running and monitored. But still:
I've checked most of the documentation looking for a
'wait' or 'delay' option for the start/restart, and
I couldn't find anything. Is there such a thing like
'wait' or 'delay' or 'sleep' or something similar for
process startup(s)?

Any input appreciated

> BR, Jovan
> On 11/2/07, Lars Stavholm <address@hidden> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> need a bit of advice on dependencies:
>> I've got three processes, A, B, and C. B and C depends on A
>> such that A must be running for B and C to be able to run,
>> and if A dies, B and C automatically looses connection and
>> dies, i.e. if A is restarted, B and C need not be restarted
>> (because they're already dead), but they do, however, need
>> to be started. I've tried to express this using the monit
>> depend statement, but it doesn't quite work.
>> check process A
>>   depends B
>>   depends C
>> Does anyone have any advice for me?
>> Is the above scenario at all possible to express in monit lingo?
>> Any input appreciated.
>> If anyone wonders, it's a piece of client/server software
>> called LCDproc, where the main process (A = LCDd) serves
>> an LC display, and B and C are clients connecting to A
>> to show off some status or similar on the display.
>> Cheers
>> /Lars
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