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[monit] monitoring nmb service

From: Holger Woehle
Subject: [monit] monitoring nmb service
Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2007 14:43:03 +0100
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i am monitoring mostly services on a drbd & heartbeat cluster by monit.
Last time we have had some serious troubles with nmbd.
I want to check the right answer to a nmb query  looking up my
fileserver "apollo" with monit.
May i can check the content of a file with monit's regex feature ?

I am doing a "nmblookup apollo > /tmp/nmblookup_check"  every minute
with cron.
The file looks like that:
WARNING: The "printer admin" option is deprecated
querying apollo on apollo<00>

So, can i have monit to check if "" is present in the file?


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