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[monit] Monit Span Multiple instances

From: Navaneethakrishnan Goapl
Subject: [monit] Monit Span Multiple instances
Date: 4 Feb 2008 14:47:08 -0000


Monit Version : 4.9
OS Version : CentOS release 4.4

I am facing the following issue more often. Monit is working fine for some time. But at some point of time, if I restart the process, Monit span multiple instance of that process. I see that this is the problem with earlier releases of MONIT. Is this issue still persist in the latest version? Could some one reply to this?

root      8580    1  0 05:31 ?        00:00:00 /bin/sh /opt/CSCOacsvw/resources/monit/ jobmanager start
root      8591    1  0 05:31 ?        00:00:00 /bin/sh /opt/CSCOacsvw/resources/monit/ jobmanager start


check process Jobmanager with pidfile "/opt/CSCOacsvw/resources/monit/"
        start program = "/opt/CSCOacsvw/resources/monit/ jobmanager start"
        stop program = "/opt/CSCOacsvw/resources/monit/ jobmanager stop"

monit -vc ./monitrc start all

Runtime constants:
Control file      = ./monitrc
Log file          = /opt/CSCOacsvw/log/monit_errors.log
Pid file          = /var/run/
Debug              = True
Log                = True
Use syslog        = False
Is Daemon          = True
Use process engine = True
Poll time          = 60 seconds
Mail server(s)    = localhost
Mail from          = (not defined)
Mail subject      = (not defined)
Mail message      = (not defined)
Start monit httpd  = True
httpd bind address = Any/All
httpd portnumber  = 2812
httpd signature    = True
Use ssl encryption = False
httpd auth. style  = Host/Net allow list

Process Name          = Jobmanager
Pid file            = /opt/CSCOacsvw/resources/monit/
Monitoring mode      = active
Start program        = '/opt/CSCOacsvw/resources/monit/ jobmanager start' timeout 1 cycle(s)
Stop program        = '/opt/CSCOacsvw/resources/monit/ jobmanager stop' timeout 1 cycle(s)
Pid                  = if changed 1 times within 1 cycle(s) then alert
Ppid                = if changed 1 times within 1 cycle(s) then alert



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