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[monit] How to exclude child processes for monitoring?

From: Ismo Tanskanen
Subject: [monit] How to exclude child processes for monitoring?
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2008 18:17:37 +0200
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Hello to all,

I have weird problem. I use monit to monitor mythtv backend. It works great.

Problem is, that I have AMD X2 cpu, and monit somehow sees cpu usage wrong.
Mythbackend sometimes locks and starts using 100% cpu (top reading). For some reason monit only shows it using 50%. I think this is due X2 cpu.

This is not problem, I have set cpu limit to 45% what works great in most situations.

But, myth can start processes, like mythtranscode, and mencoder. I think monit sees them as child processes. And, when myth starts those processes, monit suddenly sees it using more than 50% cpu. Are processes using different cpus and monit calculates summary?

At this situation, monit thinks, that myth has reached cpu usage limit, and restarts it. This causes problems to because after restart myth starts those processes again, and again... until whole machine crashes.

So is there a way to monitor mythbackend process, not it's child processes for cpu usage?


- Kane

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