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Re: [monit] Re: Monit reporting every night because of backup

From: Jan-Henrik Haukeland
Subject: Re: [monit] Re: Monit reporting every night because of backup
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2008 12:00:57 +0200

A solution is to put 'monit unmonitor all' at the start of your backup script and 'monit monitor all' at the end. If you don't use a script, put it in crontab instead.

On 11. juni. 2008, at 10.47, Frank Niedermann wrote:


am I the only one with this issue? I mean, everybody is doing backups,

I know that I could stop monit before starting the backup and start monit after backup has finished but thats not a very good solution. Anybody got a
better idea?


Frank Niedermann wrote:


every night at 3am monit reports about cpu limit reached. That's because my server gets backed up at 3am and is having a high load at this time.

Is there a way to tell monit to ignore cpu limits if it's between a
defined time period?

How do you handle this situation on your systems?


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