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[monit] Monit + Heartbeat

From: Art Age Software
Subject: [monit] Monit + Heartbeat
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2008 18:12:00 -0700


I've read the Monit docs regarding integrating Heartbeat with Monit,
and I have some questions.

1. Normally, heartbeat depends on the startup script it invokes to
indicate whether the script was successful in starting the requested
service. If not successful, heartbeat may try again or may initiate a
failover to another node. I understand the concept of wrapping my
services into a monit group and creating a wrapper script to start the
group: "/usr/local/bin/monit -g node1 start all"

However, it does not seem that monit returns a success result code
that can be passed back to Heartbeat.

I realize there is some overlap in functionality between Heartbeat and
Monit here. So, maybe the correct approach is to simply always return
"success" to Heartbeat and let Monit decide (through configuration)
when to initiate a failover. Is that the recommended approach? Or am I
missing something here? I know Heartbeat is very picky about startup
scripts being "lsb-compliant."

Also, I am not sure how this all affects the "stop" action of the
startup script...

2. In the section "Handling State"  it is recommended "remove the
monit.state file in a rc-script called at boot time and before monit
is started." My approach to this is to use the following in my

set statefile /dev/shm/.monit.state

Will this achieve the desired result with no ill effects?

Thanks in advance for your help. Still wrapping my head around Monit -
it appears to be a quite powerful little system!

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