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[monit] monit command line and capistrano

From: Matt Murphy
Subject: [monit] monit command line and capistrano
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2008 01:33:21 -0700


I'm trying to use monit to control some services, and all are working
fine except thin (web server).

Oddly, when I do a fresh deploy with Capistrano, using monit to stop
and start the thin webserver seems not to work.  The process age
continues to increment whereas the other processes show 0 seconds of
uptime and begin counting again after the deploy.

I've tried a variety of start and stop commands, and have finally
resorted to having capistrano use  "/usr/bin/thin stop -P
/path/to/pidfile -c /path/to/app".  When I had this as the stop
command in monit, thin would not stop reliably (maybe about 1 in 10
times) on deploy.

In case you're not familiar with Capistrano, it's just a deployment
automation utility that executes shell commands remotely.  In this
case it's executing: sudo monit stop thin9000 (but failing to make it
stop even though monitrc has the stop command as above).

Not sure if there are any thin users on this list but I thought I'd
ask generally what I might do to debug this further (tailing syslog
doesn't seem to reveal anything useful).

thanks in advance!

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