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[monit] bug report / help request: monit+mongrel occasional misbehavior

From: Elijah Wright
Subject: [monit] bug report / help request: monit+mongrel occasional misbehavior w/ port 8014
Date: Sun, 21 Sep 2008 20:50:05 -0400

Hi all,

We're having some seemingly monit-related misbehavior on one of our machines.

We use monit to control a pool of mongrels, 15 per host.

Our pool runs on ports 8000 through 8014.  Of these mongrels, most of them work normally.

However... occasionally the mongrel on port 8014 of a given host will just act *crazy*.  Either
it won't start up after a monit restart is issued to the pool, or it will fail to restart when it is told to do so.

Here's what our monit config for port 8014 looks like:

check process mongrel_8014 with pidfile /home/rails/application/production/current/log/
  group mongrel
  start program = "/usr/local/bin/mongrel_wrapper start 8014"
  stop program = "/usr/local/bin/mongrel_wrapper stop 8014"
  if failed url
    and content == "OK"
    with timeout 120 seconds for 2 cycles
    then restart
  if memory > 120 Mb then restart

This fragment is included by monitrc - in our local environment (Ubuntu Hardy on amazon ec2), I'm tending to drop these rules into files in /etc/monit.d.

This is monit 4.10 - hand-compiled, not installed from the ubuntu .deb.

Has anyone seen an issue like this previously?  We'd be happy to pay someone with the appropriate skills to debug it - drop me a line if you're interested in that work (and qualified, of course).


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