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Re: [monit] File check with execution of a script

From: Nick Upson
Subject: Re: [monit] File check with execution of a script
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2008 15:03:05 +0100

This checks for the file /var/tmp/hardware_ok if it doesn't exist it calls the start, can't see where yours is failing 
   check file hardware_ok with path /var/tmp/hardware_ok
      start program = "/opt/unb/bin/unb_hardware_check start"
      stop program  = "/opt/unb/bin/unb_hardware_check stop"

2008/9/24 Julian Thomé <address@hidden>
Hi at all,

I have a question about the file checks with monit.
Is it possible to check only the existence of a file with monit ?
In the Online Documentation there are a lot of Options like checksum, gid, ... etc. but i only want to check if a file exists.
Something in this kind ...

check file filename with path /home/user/x
       start programm = " start"
       stop programm = " stop"
       if failed uid root then restart


This script is  syntactically correct but the effect does not coorespond to my conception. I would like to make the execution of a script dependent on the existence of a file.

Thank you in advance
Julian Thomé

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