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[monit] Does not exist.. but it does.

From: Ramon Miguel M. Tayag
Subject: [monit] Does not exist.. but it does.
Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2008 16:29:39 +0800

Hi everyone.

Normally I wait to find out exactly how to replicate a problem before
I email, but unfortunately, this time, I'm unable to because it's very
inconsistent.  I'm hoping you have seen this before and know of a fix.

I'm running monit 5.0 beta 3 and when I restart the group sometimes
backgroundrb gets the "does not exist" status. When I check the
processes though I see that it exists and it restarted.  When I
unmonitor than monitor again monit still tells me the process does not

What should I do to avoid this?


Ramon Tayag

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