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[monit] New web-pages, new URL and news

From: Jan-Henrik Haukeland
Subject: [monit] New web-pages, new URL and news
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2008 19:24:03 +0100

Hi all,

We have just released new web-pages for Monit and moved Monit to Most notably we have installed a Monit wiki which we hope you all will use and help contribute to.

The last months we have been busy working on M/Monit. We think and hope that M/Monit will be very useful for all those who are using Monit on many servers. More information about M/Monit can be found here,

I must admit that our main focus that last months has been on getting M/Monit ready, but now that we are nearing a final release with M/ Monit we do plan to use much more time on Monit. After all, Monit is the main engine for M/Monit, so improving Monit is important.

We have identified three vectors we will start with and you can read more about them here:

If you have any other suggestions or ideas we would very much like to hear them, either send them to this mailing list or use the wiki which has a brand new and empty page for suggestions.

Although Monit is an open-source project, code contribution from others are minimal and amounts to maybe 5% of the total work. So we are basically two people doing most of the work [1] and the current plans will require much time and many work hours, both now and in future improvements and refactoring.

M/Monit is our strategy for enabling us to put more work hours into Monit development. We plan to sell M/Monit for a reasonable price and any revenues will be put back into Monit and M/Monit development. So if you want to support Monit, do try M/Monit [2].


[1] We were four persons some time ago, but unfortunately, after doing tremendous work in the project, both Christian Hopp and Rory Toma have left for greener pastures, though I think they are still lurking around on the this mailing list :)

[2] As much as we would like to release M/Monit as open source there really is no business model for selling open source software. So M/ Monit will unfortunately be closed source, but access to the source code will of course be possible by buying a license.

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