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[monit] File contents check

From: Wijnand Wiersma
Subject: [monit] File contents check
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2008 00:35:25 +0100
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I think I don't really understand that feature, but I do need it for
what I have in mind.

I am trying to build a role based cluster and in my test setup I just
use inetd to test it.

check file inetd-group with path /var/run/cyso-ha/inetd
    start program = "/opt/scripts/cyso-ha/start_role inetd"
    stop  program = "/opt/scripts/cyso-ha/stop_role inetd"
    if match "master" then start
    if match "slave" then start
    if match "stopped" then stop

When I echo something into /var/run/cyso-ha/inetd I get following
message in my log:
Oct 28 20:16:02 cnode2 monit[2699]: 'inetd-group' file exist
and the start script really runs.

But when I echo "stopped" into that file nothing happens. I would expect
after reading the documentation my stop script should have run.

Is there something lacking in the documentation or is this a lack of brains?


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