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Re: [monit] Monit Troubles

From: Chuck Young
Subject: Re: [monit] Monit Troubles
Date: Wed, 05 Nov 2008 22:01:31 -0600
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Matt Provenzale wrote:
Alright, here's some information on my server for anyone who can help:

OS: Ubuntu 8.04 with a custom kernel (with support for more ram on 32bit) Proc: 
4x Xeon PIII Ram:
8gb Monit Version: 5.0 Beta 4


Thanks, I've checked my system logs, and am not seeing anything out of the 
ordinary. The only thing

Really?  Did you try:

# egrep -R 'monit' /var/log/* | less

or something similar?

Can you provide a short sample of the mail you're getting?

I see is some warnings about maximum SMTP connections reached, which is because 
monit is sending
emails out at such a fast volume. I really don't know whether it would be a 
system or monit
problem, since it just started out of the blue. I don't know how monit works, 
but I'm guessing

You said you also experienced this on another version, right?

somewhere there's some queue of alerts to send, and for some reason it's not 
clearing itself? I'm

That the devs can answer; the reason I asked about maillogs is for one thing it sounds like there may be a stuck mail queue if you're getting very dated messages.

not a linux expert so I really don't have a clue.



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