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[monit] monitoring remote host udp

From: Emil Natan
Subject: [monit] monitoring remote host udp
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2008 10:58:03 +0200
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1. I'm trying to monitor name service on remote host via udp/tcp (53).
This is authoritative only server (that's why I do not use the dns
check) so the check looks like:

check host with address
    if failed port 53 type udp then alert
       alert address@hidden
    if failed port 53 type tcp then alert
       alert address@hidden

The tcp check works as expected. The udp check works only when the
reason for the failure is on the monitoring host (when I block udp 53
out of the box in iptables). If the reason for the failure is on the
monitored host (or in the middle) I do not get any alerts. Using sniffer
I see the packets sent every specified interval. I understand how udp
works and that it is hard/impossible to monitor it, but I hope I'm
missing something and I do not need to use the workaround using external
scripts to monitor the service and monit monitoring the output of these

2. I'm I right that  the monitoring host starts the above check with
sending ICMP packet(s) although it was not specified and if yes, how can
I change this behavior.


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