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[monit] options and use of "configure" to initialize monit

From: grant mills
Subject: [monit] options and use of "configure" to initialize monit
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2008 10:58:13 -0600
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I am attempting to implement Monit for an embedded system development. I am having some difficulty setting the options to configure so that I have the least amount of fine tuning to do later. Specifically, since the program will only be used to monitor and restart other processes, I would like to eliminate as much unused code as possible. This includes such operations as http and email support. As well the target system has a different processor from the development environment (ppc versus i386) and is also bigendian (as opposed to the development system). Both development and target systems are variations of Linux. Your system setup seems tailored to setting up the monit program to run on the host where it is configured, whereas I need to setup for a different host.
Any help, or pointers to help, for my concerns would be much appreciated.

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