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Re: [monit] no uptime/mem/cpu information

From: c . baegert-listes
Subject: Re: [monit] no uptime/mem/cpu information
Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2008 09:49:15 +0100
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Hi Martin,

Le jeudi 27 novembre 2008, Martin Pala a écrit :
> Please run monit with -v option (verbose) and check output ... there
> are several possible reasons why the cpu/memory usage is not returned:
> 1.) the user under which monit is running doesn't have permissions to
> read cpu and memory usage of processes (usually monit will need to run
> as root)

It's running as root.

> 2.) the cpu/memory usage monitoring was not enabled during compile time

It's running well for some other processes (without manual mode)

> 3.) the cpu/memory usage monitoring failed to initialize for some
> other reason
> The -v option should reveal the root cause.

There is nothing in the debug.log about the processes in manual mode.
> Few questions:
> - what monit version it is?


> - what platform/OS it is?

Debian Etch i386

> - what user is used to run monit? root or other user?


Thank you for your help !


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