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Re: [monit] monit 5.0 beta4 bug - sends same message every cycle

From: Martin Pala
Subject: Re: [monit] monit 5.0 beta4 bug - sends same message every cycle
Date: Sat, 6 Dec 2008 10:43:39 +0100

That's correct ... Monit from current cvs requires also modified M/ Monit which is to be released beginning next week.

The file is created by Monit on first start (or after upgrade to next Monit beta). It keeps unique persistent ID which is used to pair the Monit instances with host entries in M/Monit (e.g. assign events coming from given Monit to appropriate host entry). The original method was pairing based on source IP address which didn't worked when Monit was behind firewall/NAT/masquerading or ssh tunnel. The new method doesn't depend on IP address (even mutihomed Monit hosts will thus be paired correctly). The modification required extension of the xml schema and the modification of xml parser on M/ Monit side ... next release (Monit-5.0_beta6 + M/Monit-2.0_beta6) will be released very soon.

Note that M/Monit is close to final release ... it will enter release candidate(s) phase after beta6 (we don't expect xml schema changes after beta6).


On Dec 6, 2008, at 10:28 AM, Nicola Tiling wrote:

Am 20.11.2008 um 00:50 schrieb Aleksander Kamenik:

Martin Pala wrote:

this bug should be fixed in cvs (it have found it yesterday).

I've build monit from cvs - but now it can't communicate with mmonit.

From "mmonit.log":

2008-12-06 10:21:52 AssertException:XML parse error -- element <id> not allowed inside <server> when processing message posted from monit at host ''

And "localhost_access.log": - monit [06/Dec/2008:10:21:52 +0100] "POST /collector HTTP/1.1" 500 226 "-" "monit/5.0_beta4" - monit [06/Dec/2008:10:21:52 +0100] "POST /collector HTTP/1.1" 500 226 "-" "monit/5.0_beta4"

I noticed that there is a new file "" in root's home directory. But what to do with it?

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