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Re: [monit] Alerts not being triggered

From: Bruce Reed
Subject: Re: [monit] Alerts not being triggered
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2009 10:03:26 -0800
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Yes, I have a "set mailserver" statement in monit.conf. As I said, on the
first test it did attempt to route mail through that server, but failed
since I hadn't added this new server to the relay ACL. Since that first test
I cannot get monit to send mail for any event on this or the other test
server I installed it on.

I am going to turn on verbose output in hope of getting a better picture of
what's going on.


On 1/16/09 3:52 AM, "Jan-Henrik Haukeland" <address@hidden> wrote:

> Have you tried to specify which mail server Monit should use for alerts?
> See 
> rt_messages
> On 16. jan.. 2009, at 08.00, Bruce Reed wrote:
>> I¹ve just begun using monit and I am having difficulties getting
>> monit to send mail. I¹m testing using ntpd and it is restarting the
>> process, but not sending mail on service restart events or timeout.
>> In monit.conf I have:
>> set alert address@hidden
>> I then had a check statement like this:
>>  check process ntpd with pidfile /var/run/
>>     start program = "/etc/init.d/ntpd start"
>>     stop program  = "/etc/init.d/ntpd stop"
>>     if 3 restarts within 3 cycles then timeout
>>     alert address@hidden only on { timeout }
>> After 3 successive kills of ntpd and restarts by monit, a timeout
>> message was logged, but no mail was sent. I tried removing the alert
>> statement to see if mail would be sent on any event, but I only see
>> information iogged and no mail is sent. Nothing in /var/log/maillog
>> either.
>> Funny thing is, when I first set this up monit attempted to send
>> mail, but an ACL on my postifx server prevented it from getting
>> through. I fixed that and retried my test, but from that point on no
>> mail was sent. Thought perhaps this was a state caching issue, but
>> no change across monit restart and I installed monit on another
>> server using the same conf files and I get the same results there.
>> Thanks,
>> Bruce
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