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[monit] Monitoring directory size?

From: Christopher Opena
Subject: [monit] Monitoring directory size?
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2009 04:24:31 -0800

Hello all, new to the list and pretty new to monit.  I'm trying to do some alerting on directory size (as opposed to file size) and I see that 'size' is not a valid check under directory.  Well I tried it anyway under monitrc and sure enough I got a "Error: syntax error 'size'".  I've been thinking of some creative ways to get around this, including setting up a cron job to create an output file of a 'du -hs {directory_path}' and then having Monit do a regex check on the file contents.

Anyone out there doing something similar and have a cleaner way they've found of doing this?

Thanks in advance,

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