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Re: [monit] Can't restart monit

From: Nicola Tiling
Subject: Re: [monit] Can't restart monit
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2009 20:03:08 +0100

This is strange ... works well on freebsd-6.4 for me:

Yes - the problem exists only on that specific machine and the occurrence happens not each time I restart monit. My other FreeBSD machines (also 6.4.) are working fine the whole time.

I'd suggest setting logging in monit configuration + enable verbose mode ... you can modify the following line in rc script:
  command_args="-c ${default_config}"
to (added "v"):
  command_args="-vc ${default_config}"

Ok. Thanks

Can you verify whether monit is running with PID for which the rc script is waiting? (in the example it was 93378).

Yes. I killed the monit process with the pid restart told me.


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