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Re: [monit] Starting monit from rc script

From: rory
Subject: Re: [monit] Starting monit from rc script
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2009 12:04:33 -0800
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Since you need init scripts anyway, have your init scripts start everything in the order they need to be started and start monit last.

Gilad Benjamini wrote:
I am trying to find the right way to start monit on my system.
My requirements are simple: start all services at boot time, stop all of
them when shutting down.
Using monit 4.10.1

The documentation recommends running monit from init. I find this
problematic as it lacks the flexibility of /etc/rc.d scripts to determine
the order of execution. I can choose to run monit before or after init
scripts, but nowhere in between.
Is there any way around it ?

Assuming there isn't, I have a few issues with my /etc/init.d/monit script

The FAQ includes a comment (suggested by myself...) to "start all" as part
of the init script.
Should this be called before or after starting the monit daemon ?
I tried both combination. In both I seem to run into situations where, by
the time the second command runs, services haven't completed their startup,
and the second command tries to restart the service.
I tried this with both "start all" and "monitor all", with similar results.

What's the clean solution ?
Perhaps to remove the state file and then start the daemon ? Will that do it
? When monit starts, in the lack of a state file, does it assume that all
services are monitored and should be started ?

Thanks in advance

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