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Re: [monit] Problems with Monit installation [help]

From: Dr. Davi Menasaka
Subject: Re: [monit] Problems with Monit installation [help]
Date: Sat, 24 Jan 2009 03:31:28 +0300

Do you have a firewall running on the machine

Look likes no any firewall running

iptables isn't running

make sure you have a 'tail -f /var/log/messages' up and running so you can see any error messages coming from syslog.

Unfortunately messages file is 16.mb file now, so to check it is very hard :-( (i'm on adsl)

But is monit running? Monit is a daemon and comamnd line utility using the same binary. First start monit, then later you can run commands like monit start all.

hmm, as i said in my previous post i setup monit by tutorial from the page mentioned above.
so what i did was

# vi /etc/inittab
mo:2345:respawn:/usr/local/bin/monit -Ic /etc/monitrc

telinit q

noting else after this

btw one of the last error messages is
Jan 23 16:19:30 server monit[1374]: monit: Cannot connect to the monit daemon. Did you start it with http support?

so, how can i start with http support ?

try my ip ***.**.**:2128

Failed to Connect

Can u assist me how to start monit step by step? Pleaaaase

Did you copy the rc.monit file into init.d?

No, i didn't.

Now, after your last post find rc.monit from here [] and copy into /init.d/

Need i to restart server after this?

Pls, correct me, what i'm doing wrong.

Thank you

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