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Re: [monit] monit fails mysteriously on refresh after upgrade from Debi

From: Jenny Hopkins
Subject: Re: [monit] monit fails mysteriously on refresh after upgrade from Debian etch to lenny
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2009 10:57:37 +0000

2009/2/26 Martin Pala <address@hidden>:

>> However, as soon as I try and actually add any processes to monitor
>> into my monitrc file, I get an error about process engines.
>> I note that
>>  Use process engine = False
>> is set.
>> Please could you tell me if to get this value to True, it has to be
>> part of the compile, or a line i would set in a config file somewhere?
> Hi,
> there could be two reasons:
> 1.) (less likely) monit was compiled without resource monitoring support
> like this:
> ./configure --without-resource

No, it wasn't compiled thusly.

> 2.) (more likely) the initialization of resource monitoring failed ... some
> platforms (including linux) require root privileges to be able to for
> example check per-process memory usage. Monit will continue, but disables
> the resource monitoring which is stated by "Use process engine = False"
> => are you running monit as root or non-root?
> If you'll start monit with the -vI option, you can see whether the resource
> monitoring initialization failed (it can be displayed ... the message will
> apear most probably before the output with the configuration near the monit
> startup line or bellow the configuration output and will most probably look
> like this:
> --8<--
> system statistic error -- cannot initialize the process tree => process
> resource monitoring disabled
> --8<--

monit is running as root:

address@hidden:/etc/monit$ sudo /usr/sbin/monit -vI -c /etc/monit/mon

It shows this line:
system statistic error -- cannot get cpu count: Success
(That is supposed to be the bug that was fixed but it is reporting it
as an error here)

and then this one:

monit: Debug: Adding credentials for user 'jenny'.
But this is just that user jenny with password xxxx is allowed to
access the web page as stated in the monitrc file.

Thanks for the continued help.  I'd love to get monit running again,
it's an invaluable admin tool.


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