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[monit] SSHD pid and parent pid is -1

Subject: [monit] SSHD pid and parent pid is -1
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2009 16:13:20 +1000


I have installed monit on our Solaris server and used the sshd config example 
from docs in the distributable to perform a shakedown test.  I am seeing -1 for 
sshd pid and parent pid.  This also happens for the kms application I am hoping 
to monitor once shakedown is complete.  Details below.

Other than a pid file, what are the prerequisites for monit to manage a Solaris 
process?  Are there naming conventions that need to be adhered to for 
process/service names for monit to functiona correctly?  Does monit need to run 
as root?  I have installed it as a non-root user under the home directory using 
the --prefix option with the configure script.

Please advise....




SunOS 5.10 Generic_137111-08 sun4u sparc SUNW,SPARC-Enterprise (64 bit)


set daemon 1
set logfile /data/home/kplus4/monit.log
#set mailserver            # Default smtp server is localhost
#set alert address@hidden               # Alert system admin on any event
set httpd port 2812
allow localhost
allow tsrdev:********
check process sshd with pidfile /var/run/
check process kms with pidfile /tmp/kplus-pid/

verbose monit.log:

[ Mar 17 16:00:09] debug    : monit: pidfile '/data/home/kplus4/' 
does not exist
[ Mar 17 16:00:09] info     : Starting monit daemon with http interface at 
[ Mar 17 16:00:09] info     : Starting monit HTTP server at [*:2812]
[ Mar 17 16:00:09] info     : monit HTTP server started
[ Mar 17 16:00:09] info     : 'konst1' Monit started
[ Mar 17 16:00:10] info     : 'konst1' Monit has not changed

screenshots of web client (see attached)

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