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[monit] [Announce] M/Monit 2.0

From: Jan-Henrik Haukeland
Subject: [monit] [Announce] M/Monit 2.0
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2009 21:33:47 +0200

Hello everyone!

FYI: I'll refrain from posting M/Monit news to this list in the future, but this is special since M/Monit finally is available and I thought you might be interested.

I'm happy to announce that M/Monit 2.0 has been released today and is now available. M/Monit 2.0 can be downloaded from:

We are now officially out of the beta phase and this is the final 2.0 release.

Judging from previous beta releases, it seems that we have a 2 month turnaround time for new releases. We'll try to continue with this frequency, at least this first year as we have plans for many new and useful features, both in M/Monit and Monit. We'll keep you posted.

A big, big thanks to all of you who have helped us test M/Monit during the beta phase and for giving us useful suggestions, feedback and ideas. This is highly appreciated!

Release information:

The changes in this release compared to the previous beta 7 are minor tweaks behind the scene and alignment of M/Monit events with Monit.

There are a few database changes, and if you want to upgrade from M/ Monit beta 7, you can run an upgrade script for the database as explained in the change log:

We also provide a migrate script in the upgrade directory if you want to move over from SQLite to MySQL or PostgreSQL. This is recommended if you run Monit on more than 10 hosts, as SQLite can have scalability issues with more hosts.


With more than 50 new features and bug fixes, we are also happy to announce that Monit 5.0 is out of beta today and available from M/Monit 2.0 requires this version of Monit.

We hope Monit 5.0 will be picked up by package distributors shortly, so it will be available directly in distributions as well.


If you have questions or comments about this release, please contact us at address@hidden


Answers to frequently asked questions regarding M/Monit and Monit can be found at And documentation for the M/Monit program can be found at

License and Purchase:

Monit will always be free and licensed under the GPL. For M/Monit we need to take a small fee to allow us to continue working on Monit and M/Monit. We hope you understand.

When you download M/Monit, it comes with a trial license which will expire after 30 days. If you like M/Monit and find it useful, which we believe you will, you can support our work further by purchasing a license from:

If you want to customize and modify M/Monit and build new binaries, you can also purchase a Standard or Enterprise license which will give you access to the M/Monit source code and SDK. The email with the license key includes an URL from where you can download the source code distribution of M/Monit. The Servlet Container M/Monit is built on is not released in source form, but it is included as a shared library for all supported platforms. The database library used by M/ Monit is available in the source distribution and also as an open source GPL distribution here,

Mailing list

We have converted this mailing list to a low traffic announce list. We hope you will continue to subscribe to the list and follow us in our on-going efforts to make M/Monit even better. As mentioned, we are also directly available at address@hidden

With the very best regards from the M/Monit team

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