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[monit] Some file content changes are overlooked(monit 5.0.3)

From: Pavel Shevaev
Subject: [monit] Some file content changes are overlooked(monit 5.0.3)
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2009 09:53:55 +0400

Hi, folks

It seems like monit overlooks some file content matches for some
unknown to me reason. I think(but not sure) it only reports the
"latest" file content changes during its invocation cycle and the
earlier ones are omitted. By "latest" I mean the file content changes
which happened just about the monit invocation.

My log file is about 1.5 mb length and it's not shrinking(well, it is
logrotated but it happens once a day and monit is not reporting about
some content matches during the day). My monitrc looks as follows:

set daemon 60
set mailserver localhost
set logfile syslog facility log_daemon
set alert address@hidden

check file some.log with path /tmp/some.log
  if match "\[ERR\]" then alert
  if match "\[EXP\]" then alert
  if match "\[THR\]" then alert

I did some tests, for example I typed the following in the shell:

# echo "[ERR] test1" >> /tmp/some.log
# echo "[ERR] test2" >> /tmp/some.log
# echo "[ERR] test3" >> /tmp/some.log
# echo "[ERR] test4" >> /tmp/some.log

And I got only file content changes alerts for "test1" and "test4"

Maybe there is something wrong about my monitrc...any help is highly appreciated

P.S. I tried to report this bug via the form[1] but I got "You're not
logged in and you didn't enter the magic anti-spam number, please go


Best regards, Pavel

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