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[monit] Using monit to monitor irexec

From: John H
Subject: [monit] Using monit to monitor irexec
Date: Fri, 9 Oct 2009 23:12:00 -0700

I'm trying to use monit to monitor irexec but I cannot figure out
where I'm going wrong. I use monit for mythbackend and it works well.
The problem I have is sometimes irexec just dies and I want something
to restart this automatically. Irexec doesn't create a pid file so I
had to do this so from there I added the irexec to my monitrc file. I
also wrote a script to start irexec and this always comes back as fail
when trying to start irexec. Yet I can run the command from the
command line.

Here's the start script


# let's remove the current pid file since it's a start
if [ -f /var/run/irexec/ ]; then
rm /var/run/irexec/

#mkdir for the pid file
mkdir -p /var/run/irexec
chown mythtv /var/run/irexec

#killall irexec processes
killall irexec
sleep 1
DISPLAY=:0 /usr/bin/irexec -d /home/mythtv/.lircrc
sleep 1
#create new pid file
pgrep irexec > /var/run/irexec/

exit 0

irexec runs as a user so in my monitrc file I have this to run as mythtv

I thought my irexec command issue was a display issue so I added the
display in the front but this didn't solve the problem.

To stop irexec, I just have a killall command running as root.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

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