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Re: [monit] problem sending alerting message from monit

From: Martin Pala
Subject: Re: [monit] problem sending alerting message from monit
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2009 22:22:45 +0100

As mentioned, check Monit logs (set by "set logfile ..." statement to either regular file or syslog). If mailserver failed, you'll see error message from Monit here (and event will be retried next cycle when eventqueue is enabled).

You can enable verbose mode for Monit (-v option) so you can see that message was accepted by mailserver (not errors only).

If mailserver accepted the message but it wasn't delivered, it is possible that your mailserver dropped the message for some reason ... you'll need to check mailserver's logs then.


On Oct 28, 2009, at 5:47 AM, address@hidden wrote:

Thank you very much.

I have set an event queue in the monit control file.
However, I still cannot get the SMS messages sent to my phone when the error occurs.

Is it probably due to the mail server problem?
Currently, I send email from monit to clickatell. Then clickatell helps to convert email to SMS and send to my phone.

Is it probably due to problem at clickatell side such that I should contact clickatell instead ??

Thank you very much

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Subject: Re: [monit] problem sending alerting message from monit

You can check Monit logs ... if mailserver which is used for message delivery failed, you will find error in log.

You can also set event queue which can save event for delivery retry => will solve temporary errors.

You can also set check which will watch availability of the mailserver which you use for Monit.


On Oct 26, 2009, at 2:39 PM, address@hidden wrote:

Excuse me, I have tried to use monit to send alerting email

The email that I send to is a "email to SMS" gateway that will convert the email into SMS and then send to phone.

However, I find out that sometimes I cannot receive SMS when resource limit is reached..

THe following is the setting I used

set alert address@hidden on {resource, action} with mail-format {
   from: address@hidden
   message: user:xxxx
            text: Monit $ACTION $SERVICE at $DATE on $HOST: $DESCRIPTION.

May I ask if problem sometimes exist when I use "email to SMS" gateway? 
Is it the problem probably related to the clickatell that I use? or is it related to monit?

Please ask me if you need more information

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