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Re: [monit] monitor sub process socket

From: M/Monit support
Subject: Re: [monit] monitor sub process socket
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2010 16:34:50 +0200


the unixsocket can be added to existing tests:

  check process httpd ...
    # ... some existing tests start/stop program, etc.
    if failed unixsocket /etc/lighttpd/sockets/rt.socket then restart

You can also check content of the webpage with regular expression 

  if failed url http://user:address@hidden:8080/?querystring and content == 
'action="j_security_check"' then restart

Best regards,
M/Monit support

On Mar 24, 2010, at 9:19 AM, Mark Olliver wrote:

> Hi,
> We are running lighttpd via monit, it in turn runs a mason handler via
> sockets for RT to work. We have the normal checks in Monit that if httpd
> is done it will restart howerver, is the socket connection here goes
> down or mason becomes a defunct process, then monit also needs to tell
> httpd to restart. How can i get it to monitor that?
> the socket is here:
> /etc/lighttpd/sockets/rt.socket
> or it could check for a 500 error on a sub webpage which
> would also show the service as down. I am just unsure of how to add that
> check to the existing httpd service checks.
> Thanks
> Mark
> Mark Olliver BSc (Hons) MBCS CITP
> Thermeon (System Admin)
> Russ Hill Farm, Russ Hill, Charlwood, RH6 0EL, UK
> +44 1293 864 300
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