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Failing, and then failing back

From: Craig Box
Subject: Failing, and then failing back
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2010 13:22:39 +0100

Hi guys,

When you use Heartbeat, you can specify that one server is the master - if it goes down, it will fail the service over to the secondary, but when the master returns, it will 

I am replicating something like this in monit - we have a DNS CNAME pointing to machine1, and if a service on machine1 isn't responding, it sets the CNAME to machine2 and reloads the zone.

    check host machine1 address
            if failed host machine1 port 80 protocol http
                    then exec "/usr/local/bin/ -a master -h machine2"

    check host machine2 address
            if failed host machine2 port 80 protocol http
                    then exec "/usr/local/bin/ -a master -h machine1"

However, when machine1 comes back up, it won't automatically become the master again - only when web2 fails.

Is there an easy way to cause this "fail back" scenario in monit?


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