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alerting when service is down and then up again?

From: Josh Sharpe
Subject: alerting when service is down and then up again?
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 2010 21:40:42 -0400

I set this monitor up:

check process order_approval with pidfile /rails/veloracing/current/tmp/pids/
  start program = "start_order_approval"

I can't figure out how to alert when monit discovers that service is down and then alert me when the service is back up...

I guess I could alter this to be:

start program = "alert_that_service_is_down && start_order_approval && alert_that_service_is_up"

...but that's kinda hackey, and will send erroneous alerts if I trigger it through the webservice.

Basically, I need to trigger a script (not monit's 'alert' mechanism) when monit discovers the service is down, and a different script when monit recognizes that the service is running again.


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