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hierarchical network monitoring

From: Kamenik, Aleksander
Subject: hierarchical network monitoring
Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2010 11:16:48 +0100


I was wondering if one could setup monit to ignore failed hosts (and/or 
services) that are behind a failed router.

For example:

If switch0 goes dead, I don't want the alerts for node0-2. If fw0 fails, I 
don't want the alerts for all the stuff behind it. Though it would be nice it 
would mention in the alert for the failed network device that there are N 
devices behind it that are probably unreachable now. Assuming no redundant 

Point being, I don't want 10 SMS messages when one is enough.

Is it possible create something like this using groups?


Aleksander Kamenik
System Administrator
Krediidiinfo AS
an Experian Company
Phone: +372 665 9649
Email: address@hidden

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