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Is it possible to set a reply-to on monit alerts?

From: chuck clark
Subject: Is it possible to set a reply-to on monit alerts?
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2010 12:09:48 -0700

We just started using monit in our system and so far are very happy.  I've looked through the docs and list for info about setting the reply-to on an alert but have come up emptyhanded.

Here is our scenario:
We have monit alert to a support alias which includes several people.  Usually the person on primary support will reply to the email and acknowledge the issue has been addressed.  Occasionally an alert will initiate a larger conversation about something we need to do in the system.  For our mail-format from: we use 'monit@<environment>' where domain is replaced with one of our environment aliases like 'prd' or 'tst' which enables us to easily filter messages based on the environment they come from.  But when we reply we want to reply to address@hidden and right now that requires manually setting the To so I'd like to set a reply-to to have this happen automatically.

I've tried putting the following in my monit configuration

set mail-format { 
  from: address@hidden
  reply-to: address@hidden

But monit then fails to start with the message "/etc/monitrc:76: Error: syntax error 'Reply-To'"

Is there another way to set the reply-to that I'm missing?  It seems that mail-format only supports from, subject and message.


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