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"waitdate" patch

From: rory
Subject: "waitdate" patch
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2010 13:23:17 -0700
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This adds a directive to "check process" called "waitdate" and takes as an argument the integer number of seconds since the epoch.

Services flagged with waitdate will be skipped on the validate pass until the date is equal or greater than this value.

Q: Why is this useful?
A: I have monit deployed on an embedded ARM device, which has no RTC. Thus, every time it boots the time is reset back to the epoch. There are processes on the box that will not run correctly if either the time is that old, or the time suddenly jumps forward many years, so there is no reason
to start these until the time is set.

Thus, this patch is likely more useful to embedded applications than a general server application.

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