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Re: start/stop command and "cd"

From: Eric Pailleau
Subject: Re: start/stop command and "cd"
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2010 17:33:12 +0200
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Le 20/10/2010 16:15, Josh Sharpe a écrit :
Thanks Eric, Rory,

So this works...
start program = "/bin/bash -c 'cd /some/path; VAR=blah rake ts:start'"

Which is 90% of the problem.  The other 10% is that rake should really
be executed as another user, not root.

So I tried this:

start program = "/bin/bash -c 'su - some_user -c \'cd /some/path;
VAR=blah rake ts:start\''"

simply do :
start program = "/bin/su - user -c 'cd /some/path; VAR=blah rake ts:start'"

By logging to a user, you will load the environnement and use its shell 
recorded in /etc/passwd .
Certainly /bin/bash in your case.


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