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monit with nginx

From: Derek
Subject: monit with nginx
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2010 12:29:51 +1300
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Hi All,

I have a number of servers running nginx in my environment.  Also using monit to monitor they are up and responding to port 80.

I'm seeing "Server returned status 400" from monit and would like to solve this issue.

This combination works fine on monit 5.0.3, however gives the 400 error on servers running 4.10.1.  I found a few google hits on this like this one -

Does anyone have any ideas?

A config sample:

check host with address 123.456.78.910
if failed icmp type echo with timeout 4 seconds for 2 cycles then alert
if failed port 80 protocol http for 2 cycles then alert

Also - does start/stop program need an '=' before the start/stop command? doesn't seem to matter either way..


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