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RE: Can you check program output? (to monitor CUPS printers)

From: Kamenik, Aleksander
Subject: RE: Can you check program output? (to monitor CUPS printers)
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2010 09:02:45 +0100

> Occasionally we get a print job which makes CUPS break, and it takes
> the
> printer offline until the job is deleted and an admin logs in and
> restarts the queue.  I would like monit to keep an eye on this and when
> it happens, clear the print queue and restart the printer
> automatically.


I do this without monit. Run a script from cron every x minutes. If it detects 
an offline printer, it restarts cups and only then generates output/sends an 

monit does not yet support external scripts for tests unfortunately. You could 
hack something together using maybe the file content check though it's usually 
not worth it.


Aleksander Kamenik
System Administrator
Krediidiinfo AS
an Experian Company
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Email: address@hidden

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