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Re: monit didn't start services at boot

From: Alessandro Ranellucci
Subject: Re: monit didn't start services at boot
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2010 13:59:14 +0100

On 17-11-2010 at 13:14, Þórhallur Hálfdánarson wrote:

 >The syntax for "check process" is "CHECK PROCESS <unique name>
 ><PIDFILE <path> | MATCHING <regex>>"

I didn't know about the "matching" directive; infact I'm running monit 4.8.1 because that's what Ubuntu Hardy provides. I agree with you that the ability to combine pidfile and regex checks would be nice. I think that I will fix this problem by setting up an rc script that starts the processes manually at reboot in addition to monit.

Thank you very much,

    - alessandro.

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