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Variables in MONIT config file?

From: Tim Chambers
Subject: Variables in MONIT config file?
Date: Thu, 19 May 2011 17:36:59 -0400

I have a very long monit configuration file because I have monit checking on 25 
background processes that are workers set up to handle a queue of packages to 
process from gearman. They are all replicas of the same setup 25 times. I also 
have 3 servers with this same setup where the only difference is in some 
directory names which again are in the config dozens of times. I would like to 
know if the monit config file allows the definition of variables (similar to 
the email template) where I could define the variable and then later use it 
dozens of times, so I could change the value associated with the variable in 
one place or even better create a general monit config that is included into a 
unique config that has a variable defined for that server configuration - so 
the generic config is maintained once. 
Is this possible?

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