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Looking for a speaker on monit for a meetup

From: Chris Westin
Subject: Looking for a speaker on monit for a meetup
Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2011 08:14:32 -0700 (PDT)

Hi, I organize the talks for #lspe, the Bay Area Large-Scale Production
Engineering Meetup: .
Every month we have an evening of talks about subjects of interest to the
DevOps, Service Engineering, and Site Reliability Engineering communities.  You
can take a look at the meetup site and check the "Past" tab to see examples of
the kinds of events we've done.  I pick a topic, and then look for two to four
speakers who can talk about it.

For our November event, on Thursday November 17 (,
I'd like to do something around "keeping processes running;"  folks in this
area have an interest in keeping things going automatically.  I've got one
speaker who is going to talk about daemontools, a unix package that will
automatically restart a failed daemon.  Some searches I did indicated that
monit has similar capabilities, and so I'd like to find a speaker who can talk
about that as well.

If there are any monit development team members or users in the Bay Area, I'd
love to have one of you come and tell us about Monit.  I'd like to hear about
its capabilities for keeping things up, and anything else relevant in this

If you would be willing to speak, please contact me at c w e s t i n @ y a h o o (dot) c o m .

Chris Westin

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