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From: Andrew Holt
Subject: Re: ACPI
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2011 16:23:47 +0000


Thanks for that.  I took a look at the manual and it says this "This test may only be used within a program service entry in the Monit control file.”  I’m not sure what that means.


On 31 Oct 2011, at 14:11, Artyom Aleksandrov wrote:

Hi, easyest way is write simple bash script to check "acpi -V"
And configure monit like this:

check program myscript with path "/usr/local/bin/"
       if status != 0 then alert

Best regards, Artyom

On Mon, Oct 31, 2011 at 5:43 PM, Andrew Holt <address@hidden> wrote:


Is it possible to use monit to periodically check the status, as reported by acpi e.g:

acpi -V
Battery 0: Full, 100%, rate information unavailable
Battery 0: design capacity 5200 mAh, last full capacity 5200 mAh = 100%
Adapter 0: on-line
Thermal 0: ok, 50.0 degrees C
Thermal 0: trip point 0 switches to mode critical at temperature 90.0 degrees C
Cooling 0: Processor 0 of 7

So send an alert if power off-line and battery <=50% or Temperature > 80 deg C



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