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Handling load of servers during backups

From: Edke
Subject: Handling load of servers during backups
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2011 15:26:33 +0100

Hello everyone.

I just configured our network to be monitored by Monit and M/Monit and
it is an awesome tool to maintain servers. And I'm ready to buy
M/Monit licence in next few days to keep my M/Monit web app and
somehow support further development.

My question is about handling load properly. We do backup our servers
during their most idle periods (during night). We do backup with use
of rsync and rsnapshot and of course pg_dump and mysqldump. During
backup-ing every server is at heavy load, much higher above limits
that were set to monitor general server conditions.

I would really love to somehow configure Monit to handle this
backup-ing without rising limits of system resources and without
waking up with 60-100 emails about limits reached every morning in
mailbox :)

I'm pretty sure, that someone solved this issue in some elegant way in
Monit. Few things came to my mind, but just don't how to achieve this
in Monit config:

- make some sort of time exceptions on those system resource
Monitoring rules during backup-ing
- same as above but not exception based on time but rather based on
running process (backup/rsnapshot etc.)

Any info pointing me in a right direction is more then welcome, thank you.

s pozdravom do zatvy Edke

E-mail & gtalk: address@hidden

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