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restart counter not working with check host ?

From: Eric Pailleau
Subject: restart counter not working with check host ?
Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2011 09:14:37 +0100
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I got a problem with Monit version 5.2.3 :

I have below monitoring set.
In the log I can see more than 3 restarts but the sms alert is never launch...

Is there something wrong with the "check host syntax" ?

Note : I'm not sure of what exit code the myscript returns
       (I can see some 'exit' without any code in the script).
        What the behaviour of monit with simple 'exit' ?
        Is the restart counter dependant of start command return code ?

check host myscript with address
    start program = "/bin/su - user -c '~/etc/init.d/myscript start'"
    stop  program = "/bin/su - user -c '~/etc/init.d/myscript stop'"
    if 3 restarts within 3 cycles then exec "/root/scripts/sms_alert"
    if failed port 33300 with timeout 30 seconds then restart
    if 10 restarts within 10 cycles then timeout
    depends on proxy

Thanks for your help.

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