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Re: Monit dependency problem (bug?)

From: Eric Pailleau
Subject: Re: Monit dependency problem (bug?)
Date: Thu, 08 Dec 2011 09:10:25 +0100
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did you simply try this ?

check process apache with pidfile /var/run/
   start program = "/etc/init.d/httpd start"
   stop program  = "/etc/init.d/httpd stop"
   if does not exist  then restart
   if failed host localhost port 80 protocol http
      and request "/" then restart
   if children>  50 then restart
   if 2 restarts within 2 cycles then timeout
   group server
   depends on tomcat
check process ospfd with pidfile /var/run/quagga/
   start program = "/etc/init.d/ospfd start"
   stop program  = "/etc/init.d/ospfd stop"
   depends on apache
   depends on fcserver
   depends on mysql
   depends on tomcat
   group network
Because ospfd depends on apache, any failure on apache will stop ospfd, then 
restart apache then start ospfd .
Crossing start of processes inside individual process monitoring is simply 
trying to doing worst what monit is created for.
'depends' is certainly the lonely option to use in majority of case.
If there is a real needing to cross start process in an 'exec', prefere to use the '/etc/init.d/ospfd stop [&& /usr/bin/monit unmonitor ospfd]?' command instead of '/usr/bin/monit stop ospfd' because in second case, the stop status is a user request and this state is kept until
another user request for start.


Le 07/12/2011 22:56, drich a écrit :
Taking out the depends doesn't make a difference, it still stays in that loop 
where it is spewing to the logs.

I'm off-site today, I'll look at this more tomorrow morning when I can pay 
attention to it rather than to the lecture I'm supposed to be listening to. :-)

On 07.12.2011 13:13, Martin Pala wrote:

Yes, it Eric is correct. The "monit stop…" in the exec action cannot be combined in this 
case with the "depends on…"

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